mug kimWhat Patients Are Saying About Dr. Kim

If you have been told you need neurosurgery and are looking for an outstanding, caring, and exceptional nuerosurgeon, Dr. Miriam Kim of KIM Neurosurgery, PLLC located in Golden Valley and Mapel Grove, Minnesota is the surgeon you are looking for.

Don't take our word for it - read what our patients are saying about thier care and experience with Dr. Miriam Kim.

"an excellent surgeon"

“Dr. Kim removed an abnormal malformation in my cerebellum on June 15, 2007. The surgery went well and I was home within 3 days after recovering. When I was first informed of the malformation and that it needed to be removed, I had no clue as to who could do a surgery of this type so I asked the Neurologist that was treating me who he would do the surgery on him. Without hesitation he said Dr. Miriam Kim.  

We contacted Dr. Kim’s office and we got in right away for the surgical consultation. Dr. Kim sat down with my wife and I and explained everything to us. She had more views of my brain than I even thought was possible. She explained the entire procedure and together with her office staff, Cheryl, the surgery was set up and the next thing I knew I was waiting to be taken to surgery, it was actually a few weeks later but Dr. Kim’s office made all the arrangements so the time went by fast.

Dr. Kim followed up with me in the hospital after and surgery and answered all of our questions about the procedure and the care at home. I could not have been in better hands!
 I am very glad I chose Dr. Kim to do my surgery, she is an excellent surgeon and her office was very helpful throughout the entire process. Thank you." - Todd, Orono

"was always there for my family and me"

“I am an 82-year-old great grandmother. I suffered from back problems all my life. I tried all sorts of treatments but nothing helped. Finally I met with Dr. Kim. After checking my MRI she clearly discussed my options. I chose surgery. My care was excellent. During my stay in the hospital, she kept in touch with my children and explained my progress.  

Dr. Kim is like an “Old Time” doctor that was always there for my family and me. Whenever they called the office with questions, the call was returned promptly. Six months later I am driving, keeping up with the cleaning and vacuuming my home. I hope to return to my part time job soon.” 
- Betty, Brooklyn Park