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If you have been told you need neurosurgery and are looking for an outstanding, caring, and exceptional neurosurgeon, Dr. Miriam Kim of KIM Neurosurgery located in Mapel Grove, Minnesota is the surgeon you are looking for.

Don't take our word for it - read what our patients are saying about their care and experience with Dr. Miriam Kim.

Testimonials for Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim”Thank you all so much for all your care and support during my recent painful back/leg issues and subsequent surgery. I have never experienced anything like this before, so I was quite apprehensive about the whole procedure. However, your explanation and expert care made it all easier, and the outcome has been more than I could have hoped for. I visited both the Maple Grove and Golden Valley offices, and I must compliment you on your staff, with their knowledge and caring attitude. I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asked.“
-Susan, Minnetonka

”As a former triathlete who hasn't been able to walk without sciatic pain or foot numbness for five years, I was at the end of my rope. I live in California and was facing permanent nerve damage, so I sought the opinion of a highly regarded neurosurgeon, who recommended minimally invasive surgery to open my nerve pathway (spinal chord). Furthermore, he said it will need to be repeated every few years. Since I spend summers in Minnesota, I decided to seek a second opinion, did some research online, and chose Dr. Kim. She looked at my records, particularly the MRI, and suggested that we do complex spinal surgery and do it right the first time, so it would not have to be repeated. She answered all of my questions without attitude, and never made me feel rushed. Her office staff is super friendly, responsive and accommodating. The staff at the hospital adore her, and I felt very safe there. Three weeks after surgery, I walked Lake of the Isles (2.6 miles) without pain or numbness. Dr. Kim has given me my life back, and for that I will be forever grateful.”
- Norm, California

“Dr. Kim is a miracle worker.  Before my surgery I was unable to walk, stand or sit.  I was in so much pain I knew the surgery was a success the moment I woke up from the anesthesia because I no longer had any pain.  Thank you Dr. Kim.”
- Alison, Maple Grove

“I appreciated the thorough responses that Dr. Kim provided including the detailed review of my MRI - very interesting and helped me understand what needed to be done.  She was also very helpful in follow-up on related issues.  I felt like she had a high level of personal interest in my health and recovery.”
- Marybeth, Twin Cities

“Dr. Kim is the first surgeon I have ever met with a Bedside Manner.  She was clear and detailed about all aspects of my surgery and recovery.”
- Wayne, Wayzata

“Fabulous.  When action is needed, action is taken.”
- Don, Plymouth

“We live in the northern part of Minnesota and have a 5 to 51/2 hour drive to the Twin Cities.  Cheryl, Dr. Kim’s office manager was very kind and understanding about directions on how to get there and setting up appointment times.  She would always set our appointment times, so we would not have to leave at 4:00 or 5:00 o’clock in the morning.  Dr. Kim was wonderful to me and my son after Joe’s surgery.  She sat down with us and explained what she had done in surgery.  She even had pictures to show us.  Using the pictures she showed us where the tumor was and how she had to remove it.  She said the surgery went well and she had no trouble in removing the tumor.  After surgery, when we were back home, if we had any questions or problems, all we had to do was call Cheryl and she would talk to Dr. Kim and Cheryl or Dr. Kim would call us back, about our concerns.”
- Patsy, Red Lake Falls

“Dr. Kim was very kind and friendly.  She explained in detail what she was going to do in surgery.  She also answered every one of our questions.  While I was in the hospital, Dr. Kim was very thorough in her examination of my back and my progress is getting better.”
- Joseph, Red Lake Falls

“My entire experience with Dr. Kim and her staff was positive.  Dr. Kim is quite gifted both as a surgeon and a “people person”.  She’s extremely good at thorough explanations at the average person’s level.  Any questions that you have are answered.  She was highly recommended to me prior to surgery and she has more than lived up to those recommendations.”- John, Twin Cities

“Dr. Kim removed an abnormal malformation in my cerebellum on June 15, 2007.  The surgery went well and I was home within 3 days after recovering.  When I was first informed of the malformation and that it needed to be removed, I had no clue as to who could do a surgery of this type so I asked the Neurologist that was treating me who he would do the surgery on him.  Without hesitation he said Dr. Miriam Kim.  We contacted Dr. Kim’s office and we got in right away for the surgical consultation.  Dr. Kim sat down with my wife and I and explained everything to us.  She had more views of my brain than I even thought was possible.  She explained the entire procedure and together with her office staff, Cheryl, the surgery was set up and the next thing I knew I was waiting to be taken to surgery, it was actually a few weeks later but Dr. Kim’s office made all the arrangements so the time went by fast.  Dr. Kim followed up with me in the hospital after and surgery and answered all of our questions about the procedure and the care at home.  I could not have been in better hands!
I am very glad I chose Dr. Kim to do my surgery, she is an excellent surgeon and her office was very helpful throughout the entire process.  Thank you.
- Todd, Orono

“I am an 82-year-old great grandmother.  I suffered from back problems all my life.  I tried all sorts of treatments but nothing helped.  Finally I met with Dr. Kim.  After checking my MRI she clearly discussed my options.  I chose surgery.  My care was excellent.  During my stay in the hospital, she kept in touch with my children and explained my progress.  Dr. Kim is like an “Old Time” doctor that was always there for my family and me.  Whenever they called the office with questions, the call was returned promptly.  Six months later I am driving, keeping up with the cleaning and vacuuming my home.  I hope to return to my part time job soon.”
-  Betty, Brooklyn Park

“Dr. Miriam Kim is a doctor who I would highly recommend for surgery.  She explained everything to me so I could understand the whole procedure and made me feel very comfortable.  She also takes time on all of my follow-ups.  My stay there was very comfortable.  Thank you again.”
-  Bill, Fergus Falls

“After an injury the emergency room doctor recommended Dr. Kim.  I’m grateful to that doctor for his recommendation.  Dr. Kim was easy to talk to, explained everything in detail, answered all my questions, but most of all the surgery and recovery went very well.”
-  Brian, Maple Grove

“I am very happy to have been under Dr. Kim’s care.  She was very caring, explained things very well, and I am extremely happy with the results of my microdiskectomy at the L5-S1 level.”
-  Alisa, Minneapolis

“It was like a miracle and Dr. Kim was the miracle worker.  Woke up from the anesthesia and no leg pain.  Nine months later- still no leg pain.  She was always so upbeat for all the office visits and I think she’s just great!!”
- Cerna, St. Louis Park

“She is polite and makes you feel at home.  She did a very good job on my back and visits were pleasant.  The office gal was very polite.”
- Gladys, Columbia Heights

“A very relaxing office.  Dr. Kim explained everything thoroughly both to family and myself.  She was very clear in her explanation and I would recommend her highly.
-  Lori, Fridley

“Thank you for giving back my legs.  More important now since I'm losing my vision.  No more leg pain at all.  Thank you again!”
- Olive, Minneapolis

“My experience with Dr. Kim bas been positive from my first visit through my follow-up visit after the surgery.  Dr. Kim showed me the problem on my MRI and explained my problems.  While recovering at home I received calls from Dr. Kim to check on my recovery.  My life is back to normal now and I am very grateful for Dr. Kim’s expertise.”
- Patricia, New Hope

“I found Dr. Kim to be professional, kind, and explained my health situation step by step on a level that I was able to understand.  Her staff was pleasant and a pleasure to work with.”
- Sallie, Maple Grove

“No pain - playing golf.  No pain - mowing lawn.  No pain - raking leaves.  No pain - everything a plus.  Thank you Dr. Kim”
- William, Edina

 “I had neurosurgery in April, 2007.  Dr. Kim did an excellent job at explaining surgical procedure and follow-up.  We were very impressed by her skill and manner and would highly recommend her.”
- Deloris, Brooklyn Center

“Excellent work.  The other treatments attempted by meds, P.T, and chiropractors did little good.  Twenty ear problem solved in basically 4- 6 weeks [with surgery]”.
- Scott, Wayzata